Video Production

Videos is quickly becoming the future of marketing across all industries, and designers should take a moment to understand the opportunities this movement offers and how accessible it is to share the stories behind their own everyday projects. 

Fast Company predicts 74% of all online content in 2017 will be consumed through video. And with consumer audio / video tech rapidly advancing, production costs have fallen significantly, making it affordable for businesses of any scale to produce a high quality product without overburdening marketing resources.     

In 90-120 seconds, the impressions professional videos impart on potential clients are lasting. For designers looking to engage their audience and speak first hand to a project’s successes and collaborations, videos are an untapped tool that can help build client relations and reinforce brand messaging. 


Is photography relevant anymore? Everybody has a camera now, video is taking over, and VR is around the corner. 

What remains true, however is the idea that each medium has unique value holds true. There is still something gravitating about a well crafted still image. It has an appeal that videos will never encompass. It’s tactile. Assuring. A milestone that can be referenced without being changed.

Brand Consultation

Imagery aside,